In ULB’s La Cambre-Horta School of Architecture at Flagey, 60 different IHECS photo students showed their projects celebrating 60 years of photography in IHECS. And the result was great. The review of Thomas Schønning, international student from Denmark.
A large hall with a raw interior in the middle of Place Flagey in Ixelles was the scene for a photo exhibition presented by 60 students from IHECS, called 60/60. The exhibition celebrate 60 years of photography by selecting 60 alumni students from the school to show their pictures.

My fellow students and I visited this exhibition on a grey, dull friday. Normally, I can get impatient when it comes to large exhibitions, but i was astonished by the difference between the pictures, which meant that i did not get impatient this time. I forgot about the weather outside as well.

Once at the exhibition, I forgot my prejudice. The difference in the different pictures was beautifully shown when you walked past them, starting from the ground floor and slowly went up a ramp inside the building, leaving you up just under the roof. Every student showed different pictures from a chosen project and presented them in different styles. Let us call them different ‘mini-galleries’.

Both the way of presenting the pictures and the way the different projects was very different, and it reminded you that people really have different ways of perceiving the world and different problems on this planet. It was everything from serious reportage-like pictures of refugees to almost oil painting-like bizarre pictures of the lust between men and women.

It was a great exhibition, and certainly one I would visit again to get inspired when i as an amateur photographer would be empty for ideas, but also just as much to enjoy how good people can be with a camera.

The exhibition takes place in Flagey until April, 22nd.
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Author: Thomas Schønning (Denmark) – International student Jan-June 2019