TV5 Monde is a french media. They launched a website to help you learn French in an interactive way. Discover our beautiful language with reports, videos and actualities!

You’ve just arrived in Belgium, and if you’ve already had a walk in Brussels, you’ve probably heard a lot of french or sometimes even belgian words you didn’t understand. Frustrating isn’t it?

Don’t feel lost anymore in the french speaking part of Brussels

Event if Brussels is the multicultural city “par excellence” (more that 170 different nationalities are represented), and so that you’ll always have chance to meet somebody who speaks the same language than you, it would may be a good idea to learn the basis of French to survive in Brussels.

A website to learn French in an interactive way

TV5 Monde, a french well known media, gives you the opportunity to learn French in an interactive way and for free with its website “Learn French“. The website is divided in different levels (you can test you at the beginning) and proposes videos, actualities and workshops to learn French step by step. There: no courses, but clippings, news reports, stories,…

Don’t wait, we’ll test you the next time you’ll come at the International Office!