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It is a sunny Tuesday afternoon at the end of March and a group of Erasmus students have gathered on a terrace at the Place Rouppe in the heart of Brussels. Even though it is still a bit chilly outside the mood is high. Here they are at their favorite hangout place – the café Ebrius. Today is a special day at the Ebrius because it is the first outdoor concert of the year. A DJ will be playing house music on the sunny terrace until the sun goes down to kick in the spring.

Press play and feel the vibe from the concert!


The place is stowed with people this Tuesday afternoon. To get a table on the terrace you have to come early even though the outside area is big. People are starting to fill up the three storages inside as well where there is even more place to sit and relax. One of the main attractions is the foosball table on the first floor where the guests will be queuing all night to have a chance at beating their friends in the popular game. Another floor turns into a dance floor in the evenings and in the corner a photo automat is located so the guests can take home a souvenir from the evening.

Many of the people coming to the outdoors concert today are students from IHECS. Actually, IHECS students frequent this place very often when they are done with classes. The café is only a five-minute walk from the school and located beautifully on the little square Rouppe. Another reason IHECS students come here is because of the generous student discount – just remember to bring your student ID!

As an Erasmus student at IHECS, you do not always have the chance to have classes with Belgian students at school. Therefore an outdoors concert like this is a great opportunity to get to talk to some of the other students from the school – whether you might be in need of some insider tips from a local or you feel like practicing your French. Even if you just want to hang out with the other Erasmus students this is a great place because there is plenty of space.


These outdoor concerts happen regularly so make sure to go follow the Ebrius on Facebook or Instagram so that you will not miss it the next time.

And if the weather is not in your favor there is no need to fear – the café also hosts regular karaoke nights!


Author: Leonora Marienlund Klint (Denmark) – International student Jan-June 2019