Anna is 21. She’s from Brazil and is studying journalism. One year ago, she decided to come to IHECS for an international exchange. As many Erasmus students, she met her boyfriend in the international context. She tells us their story.

Tell us a little about you, the things you love…

My name is Anna Nogueira, I’m 21 and I’m an exchange student at IHECS, coming from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte. I like cinema, arts and meeting very interesting and friendly people. From the very first moment I started studying journalism, I’ve been interested in exchanging experiences and I don’t know why, Belgium had always called my attention.

How was your experience at IHECS?

It was funny. The process in my university to apply for an exchange was really long. When I applied, I was doing a trip in Ireland, and usually you have to pass a personal interview before approval. During the year I’ve applied they’ve changed the complete process and I could send a video. I really wanted to go to IHECS and the final answer took a long time to come. One evening, while I was at a concert of Paul McCartney, I received the acceptance answer!

When I arrived, language was not a big problem because I’ve had French classes in my country. Of course, there are differences but once I’ve adapted myself, I really liked living here. I should have gone back to Brazil this year but I have extended my exchange. An advice: find French speaking roommates.

Let’s talk about love…

This is a funny Erasmus story! I’ve been accepted to come to Belgium in October 2017, and in November I met Gabriel (my Belgian boyfriend) in my university in Brazil, he was an exchange student from IHECS. He was friend from a friend, and I started talking to him. I wanted to know more about his country. Shortly after, we started dating. It was like love at first sight, we had so many things in common. Now, when I feel homesick I talk to him and he is like family for me.

It was really difficult at the beginning because he left brazil two weeks after we started our relation. So, it has been a long-distance relation during seven months. But I knew we were going to see each other again. And when I arrived here, it was amazing.

What do you like about Brussels?

Something really positive for me, is the contact with different cultures. I’ve met people from many different countries and languages. I think I’ve never learned so much as from this international experience. I’m happy to say that I’m living the international experience, the Belgian experience. If you come here and that you manage to get close friends that are from the country and also contact with other friends and cultures, believe me, it’s going to be amazing.

Author: Christian Ramirez (Peru) – International student Jan-June 2019