You are studying communication, public relations, media or journalism and you are looking for a great and quality university to go on exchange? Well, IHECS is made for you. Hereunder, discover 5 reasons why you should definitely come to study at IHECS.

In the heart of Brussels

IHECS might not be better located: right in the center of Brussels, a very convivial and cosmopolitan city, full of different cultural influences. The school stands only a few steps away from the Grand Place and the town center’s lively neighborhoods. It’s very central location makes it the best place to start your day visits: culture, music, food… It is also the main headquarters of European institutions, so for those of you that are interested in politics, Brussels is the place to be!

High quality media training

As well as offering a university qualification, the main asset of IHECS training is linking up theoretical courses with a practical media apprenticeship: photography, video, radio, web. At IHECS, you’ll get a real multimedia experience. The school gives you free access to many high tech equipment such as cameras, recording studios, radio control rooms and computer room (Adobe suites). Don’t wait any longer, and have a look to the media program that IHECS has to offer you.

Variety of masters and specializations

The school offers a wide variety of specializations and formations. Teachers at IHECS are experts from the Belgian and European media field. They work and they teach, bringing thus professionalism to the courses.

• Journalism (Press and Information)
You’ll learn journalistic writing techniques, according to the different genres. You’ll have access to media workshops (radio writing techniques, print media, web and TV) and get useful advices, steps to follow, traps to avoid from renowned journalist. Then you’ll also have access to interesting lessons about economy and finance, Belgian policy, international politics, European Union, local and regional information, socio-economic information.

• Advertising
This master will train you to manage large budgets and become architects of “communication strategies”. You’ll learn the essential advertiser’s marketing strategies that you will have to implement through the use of all media. But, as we attach the greatest importance to ethical issues linked to advertising, you’ll get a solid training to develop your sense of ethics.

• Public Relations
With this specialization you’ll learn to master the resolution of communication problems through practical exercises and projects management. You’ll exploit various media of communication such as graphic design, video and web. Thanks to a constant practice in group, you’ll learn to coordinate and even manage a team, while respecting the diversity of sensibilities and points of view. The courses will prepare you to work in any type of organization, whether public or private, commercial or non-commercial, national or international.

• Sociocultural Activities and lifelong learning
The so-called ASCEP master (coming from its French name “Animation Socio-Culturelle et Education Permanente) gathers committed students who want to be actors in social, cultural, environmental or political matters. The courses focus on the analysis of society issues and world challenges. Students learn to design and manage projects in terms of global citizenship.

• Media literacy
This master allow students to meet the digital challenges in education. Through a panel of courses combining creation, practice and reflection on the media, you’ll question the use and the social issues posed by contemporary media, as well as to develop and experiment concrete solutions to respond to them on the media.

• Event management
The many practical work and theoretical courses will allow you to learn how to manage the organization of various events projects. Frequent group work, you will also teach how to coordinate and even manage a team, while respecting ethnic, cultural or linguistic diversity. To this end, you will learn to master the specific languages inherent in different sectors of the event such as human resources, risk management and security, creativity, legal issues, financing and marketing.

Personalized accompaniment
What makes IHECS different from other universities is also its human aspect. Even though the school gathers many students, the various group works offer a much more personalized coaching to each student. As it favors group dynamics and team spirit, it will facilitate your integration. Moreover, it will surely emphasize your creativity and boost your personal affirmation, as it requires an entrepreneurial attitude what regards the development of your media projects.

Brand new cafeteria : Loft 58
Last but not least: the brand new cafeteria! This trendy and cozy place is the perfect place to chill out during the lunchtime, or in the morning with a warm coffee. The staff will welcome you every day with delicious and affordable meals. The lunch special is changing every day, and they have varied choice of paninis, sandwiches and salads.