Houtsiplou more commonly “Houtsiplou-les-bains-de-pied” is an phrase used in Belgium to mean a place far away, for example someone who’d live far from Brussels would “live in Houtsiplou-les-bains-de-pied”. But of course this restaurant called Houtsiplou isn’t far away since it is located on the place Rouppe, a few steps away from IHECS. It is famous for its huuuuge hamburgers and fries served in a flower pot. The menu also offers different types of salads and generously garnished gigantic « tartines » www.houtsiplou.be

Loft 58

The Loft 58 is the restaurant inside IHECS. It was born from the partnership between of a professional Horeca and a high school to create a friendly space.
This is the perfect place to share a coffee, a good dish of the day, or just to meet for a short break. They propose sandwiches, day dishes (with vegetarian options) and salads. Everything is home made! Much more than a café, the Loft58 is also a place to organize your own events (parties, concerts, birthdays).

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La Cantina

Located in a little street between IHECS and Place Fontainas, this joyful and colorful Brasilian place makes you travel instantly. During lunchtime, you can help yourself straight from the pots and pans on the stove. You’ll pay depending on the weight of your plate. In the evening, it is based on the menu.

La cantina

Mémé café

In this little restaurant located near St-Géry, the cuisine is family-friendly, simple and generous. The chef specialities are Mediterranean and world cuisines but the flavors subtly recall the Tunisian origins of the chef. Passionate and creative, the chef prepares everyday 4 starters and 8 courses depending on what he finds every day at the market. So there is no menu, only his inspiration and delicious culinary surprises

Mémé café



This pizza place, located Rue de Flandres, serves thin and fluffy pizzas, made minute by a Neapolitan pizzaiolo, and cooked in a huge wood oven also imported directly from Naples. On top of that all the ingredients are organic and come from Belgian producers, even mozzarella! Last but not least, the prices are very reasonable: the cheapest pizza costs 6,90 € and the most expensive only 13,90 € !



Pin Pon

On Place du Jeu de Balle, well-known for its everyday flea market, Pin Pon has set up its kitchen in an old fire station. Every week, this brasserie selects three products, each of which will be declined in three different preparations. Highlight of this place? They only work with fresh local and European products. In the summer, this bar-restaurant deploys a pleasant terrace and in colder times the heated veranda offers a great view on the market place!

Pin Pon