She’s the person you’ll hear the most but you’ll see the less. Why? Cause it’s her who hides behind your screen when you see new blog articles, photos or Instagram posts. Her mission? To keep you posted about IHECS and Brussels life!

Anne-Cécile is in charge of international internships, international projects and international communication. In short, she’s an international Swiss knife. That’s why you won’t be surprise if I tell you that she’ll be really happy to collect your photos, comments or stories about your international experience! During your stay, she’ll do her best to inform you about Brussels and IHECS life, Belgian habits or interesting events through the “ihecsperience” blog or Instagram account.

Moreover, Anne-Cécile likes teamwork! That’s why she also invites you to write with her or to collect photos and videos about your international adventures. Don’t hesitate to contact her if you’ve always dreamt to be a reporter or an “instagramer”.

To finish, she loves travelling or discovering new people or cultures and she’s veeeerycurious. When you’ll meet her don’t be shy. She will be open to listen to your stories and to help you discovering her wonderful country. But watch out: she’s part of the “Belgium fan team”, so be soft when you’ll try to criticize her country, even more if you speak about Liège, her native city. So repeat after me “Liège is wonderful, Liège is fantastic”, it’s the secretcode to come in her office. Good luck!