Elisa portrait

She’s the first person you’ll meet when you’ll arrive at IHECS, and believe me, you won’t be disappointed. Her big smile and peaceful mind will make you feel like home even if it’s miles away. In a few lines, let me introduce Elisa, my super-colleague in charge of incoming international students.

Elisa is the youngest member of our international office team. That’s why she is maybe the best one to welcome you at IHECS and to understand perfectly what you need in your Erasmus life. Her job? Helping the international students in the administrative tasks linked with IHECS and international exchange, but not only. As she wants to offer a 5 stars service, she’ll also support you to find all the things you would need during your everyday life in Brussels. Course schedule? It’s her. Support in accommodation research? Also her! A question about sport club or medical center? Her again! Believe me, even your personal assistant is not better than her.

You won’t be surprise if I tell you that what she prefers in her job is the contact with students. By the way, she’ll also guide you in every corner of Brussels during your integration week and organize meetings or final goodbye party, where you’ll maybe have the chance to hear her talents as singer.

Her best arguments to convince you to come? Brussels is a city that never sleeps. Moreover, she’ll be able to help you between the multiple courses at IHECS in three languages. After all of these points, you can be sure of one thing: if you come at IHECS, she’ll never let you down.