At IHECS we form experts in communication through radio workshop, web workshop, video workshop,… because we believe that nothing can be achieved without practice. Therefore, it’s important for us to guide our students through practical activities designed to help them gain experience. In this article we would like to showcase the work 3 Erasmus students realized in their radio workshop. 

Boy and girl playing

They decided to create 3 small episodes on genres and stereotypes. Each episode dedicated to a span of time in human’s life. This project gave us a global vision of our society and how selective and stereotyped marketing change the way we behave in our everyday life. The stereotypes of what a man and what a woman should be are so integrated in our daily lives that we barely see it anymore. 

Through precise examples and well chosen interviews, the 3 Erasmus students managed to give us a global understanding of the things we are confronted with in our everyday life. Reminding us that some usual critic, demands or offer are not so innocent and needs to be addressed. 

Boy and girl

Sexism and stereotypes follow us in our everyday life and through our entire lifespan. From the moment we’re born up until the moment we die, and even after our death, stereotypes and genres continue to affect us. The usual «blue for boys and pink for girls» is still present and is without realizing it we put our children in cases and don’t give them a chance to decide who they want to be, how they want to show themselves and what they want to do. 

With the help of their teacher, they managed to give us hope, show us that things are changing and remind us that we are all responsible and that it is our duty to address these patterns. 

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