ESN ULB is helping you to become an accomplished international student in Belgium. But what is the Erasmus Student Network (ESN)? Here are a few pieces of information for you:


ESN ULB is part of ESN, one of the biggest student organisations in Europe. It is present in 40 countries and involves thousands of young people from Europe and beyond. Its main purpose is to welcome, mentor and represent international students in a very simple way: students helping students. What does it mean? Well, local students volunteer to offer their help and advice to exchange student in their host towns. Wondering where the best place to be is? Ask them! They will love to tell you all about it. They might even come with you and share a drink, who knows?

The ESN Belgium is divided in 19 local sections. The one related to the IHECS is the ESN ULB. It offers all kinds of activities related to culture, sport, inclusion, education and the environment. For instance, this month’s program was about movie nights, music quiz, meetings in the park, visiting Antwerp and (of course) eating Belgian fries. As an ESN member, you can take part to all of these activities, but also to training courses, seminars and most importantly, international trips! All you need to do is get the ESN Card that will make all your friends jealous back at home.

So if you want to get to know new friendly and wholehearted people as well as your host city and country, go and join the ESN ULB on the social networks!

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