Florence BertulotOur dear Anne-Cécile decided to start new challenges from this day and it’s with pleasure that we welcome a new member in the IHECS International Team. Of course, it’s gonna be hard to say goodbye to Anne-Cécile and her beautiful smile but sometimes new blood can also bring good things!

Florence joined our team last week and she already feels at home, she’ll be in charge of the international communication and international internships. And yes, International environment makes her thrive so… lucky her! She loves discovering new cultures and have new points of view regarding different subjects. You understand that she’ll be really happy to have beautiful discussions about your Erasmus and your life here in Belgium. 

Florence at Les Plaisirs d'Hiver

Florence at Les Plaisirs d’Hiver

She’s lived in Belgium her entire life and she knows Brussels like the back of her hand, even if.. well, there are always new places to see and discover! Brussels is a capital with the soul of a village and this is what we’re trying to reproduce here at IHECS, so don’t hesitate to contact her and share your thoughts or even new places she might have not seen yet (you never know…!). 

During your stay she’ll do her best to keep you entertain and give you new ideas of things to do, to see and to experience through this blog and the Instagram page of IHECSperience. So, if you have any questions about an activity, a place to go or a certain process, just ask! 

To finish, Florence is always positive, she is the kind of person who always has a smile on her face. She loves to meet new people and she definitely have a thing for great food. The easy way to make her happy? Great food, great people and great conversations.